Workshop Trainee

Yike Zhang

Yike Zhang, or YK,  is originally from the stunningly modern city of Chongqing in Southeastern China. She began her academic journey at China Jiliang University, earning a Bachelor’s in Sociology, while also fostering her love for cello and theatre performance. To take her interests a step further by diving into the realm of art, YK travelled halfway across the world to the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, where she pursued a master’s degree in Modern and Contemporary Art History and Criticism. Here, she developed specific research interests in contemporary exhibitions of queers of colours, modern dance, and performance art.

YK has had the opportunity to work in the esteemed Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai and in various galleries across China.  While studying in Scotland, YK undertook an internship with the West Lothian Council as part of the Young Musician Initiative project. This experience proved pivotal, leading her to collaborate with Limelight Music. With a keen interest in music education for children and individuals with special needs, YK aims to bring the beauty and richness of music to all, regardless of their circumstances.

YK is deeply intrigued by Scottish and Chinese traditional music and theatre. She views these as parts of the intangible cultural heritage that continue to emerge and add to the diversity of the workshop format. Always looking to push boundaries and redefine norms, YK is keen to continue exploring, learning, and contributing to the world of arts, music, and culture.